Spiritual Tours

We started to arrange Spiritual Tours in the year 2000 in Oberanmmergau for the Passion Play of the New Millennium bringing  few thousands  tourists coming from the United States . We did not know  much about this event but we learned fast and understood how  important  it is for travelers of any confession to pay visit to the sacred sites or attend a holy performance. We have not invented anything but where in the world is it  possible to find as  many places of religious importance as in Italy. And not only for catholics.

From that moment on we began to offer packages and itineraries much focused on these spiritual aspects but not obviously disregarding the rest. It’s easy to visit a church or the Catacombs, more rewarding  when there is to celebrate a mass every day or to be guided by a gospel expert who will tell you details you would never get to know on your own.  And this is only an example.